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Top 4 Virtual Real Estate Events You Can’t Miss This Year

Top 4 Virtual Real Estate Events You Can't Miss This Year

Events are an invaluable way to come together with other real estate agents, investors, and advisers and learn from one another. Facilitated for education and networking for all attendees, I always advise that real estate newcomers and experienced agents invest in the experience of attending a real estate event. They have certainly helped me in my real estate career. 


Of course, this year, things look a little different because of social-distancing guidelines. But that’s also why it’s more important than ever to stay connected and up to date on the latest real estate tips for navigating the markets in a post-pandemic world. While these events are virtual, they offer more value than ever, with the chance to meet and connect with real estate professionals and experts from around the world. 


1. Inman Connect Now

Every year, Inman hosts two in-depth, in-person events. In light of recent events, Inman Connect has gone virtual, and it’s called “Connect Now.” It will now be virtual, hosted through digital one-day events on October 20th, November 12th, and December 17th. This coming October 20th event will be about planning and preparing for 2021.


Connect Now’s general sessions will cover recent world events and everything real estate professionals need to know in working with buyers in different markets in today’s social and political climate. There will also be thematic breakout sessions and plenty of networking opportunities.



2. NAR Conference

The National Association of Realtors puts on an esteemed conference and expo every year, which will go virtual this November. Year round, the NAR offers educational resources to support real estate professionals nation-wide. This event is a culmination of this expertise and these connections. 


This annual conference covers everything a real estate professional needs to learn to succeed in the current markets, featuring the most influential and successful voices in real estate in the speaker lineup – last year, professional tennis player and real estate mogul Billie Jean King was a speaker. These voices are also featured in the event’s expo where successful real estate professionals share expertise from their own experiences.


3. REITworld: 2020 Annual Conference

For those interested in real estate investing specifically, Nareit puts on a value-packed annual conference where attendees can hear from today’s top real estate investors on their experiences and best practices. This year, the conference, REITworld 2020, will be virtual and held November 17-19th.


The virtual event will be three full days of identifying new investment opportunities, networking for symbiotic business relationships, and learning the latest insights on real estate investing from the experts who study it day in and day out. It will consist of educational sessions, private meetings, and networking opportunities.

These virtual events offer the programming and networking necessary to stay connected and up-to-date in the real estate world in today’s uncertain times. Learn more about each at their websites.


4. Flip Hacking LIVE

Flip Hacking LIVE (Oct. 15-17) features content and programming in the strategies and systems required to flip and wholesale houses quickly to generate massive profits. There are so many incredible success stories from previous attendees using these strategies. One attendee, Arianne, was a newcomer to real estate who proceeded to flip 75 houses in one year. Another was already a sage house flipper who gleaned the insights she needed to fine-tune her systems, resulting in an additional 23 deals in eight months.


Whether you’re new to house flipping or have been in the market for years, you’ll learn something from this event. This year’s virtual event is called Flip Hacking LIVE, and is comprised of three breakthrough days of all-in programming, which will help you find off market properties, teach you the sales tactics to double your close ratios, help you manage your lead flow, show you how to maximize profits, and even how to hire a team. These must-know strategies are taught by the nation’s top wholesalers and house flippers who are actively doing this business right now! 


Flip Hacking LIVE also has a charity behind its mission, Operation Underground Railroad, which fights against child sex trafficking. Last year the event raised over $150k for this profound mission and this year will be no different.


There is definitely a lot to choose from. We see this constant innovation when it comes to information building and sharing today, for every industry but more so for real estate. How great is it that all these events are available and accessible to almost everyone? No matter the problems we are facing when it comes to social distancing right now, attending such events and putting the time in, can be eye-opening and we can reflect better, as we have more time and less distractions to absorb what is important. In addition, these events help us stay connected with our professional communities, develop our knowledge about the latest developments in the sector and current best practices. One thing is for sure when it comes to the producers of the above events, they certainly work harder than ever to bring this all live to us!



Victoria Kennedy, CEO of Atman Real Estate, is a highly in-demand marketer for top producing Realtors and has been featured in over 200 publications including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, FOX, CBS, and Inman News. Learn more here:

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