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How to THRIVE in Real Estate in the Time of the CORONAVIRUS


Coronavirus Action Steps:


(Do not wait and put this off… if they reach out to you, it is too late.)

  • If you have less than 20 clients, call them individually and check in with how they are doing and how their family is. If you have more than 20 clients, send out an email blast with a video encouraging them and coming from a place of support as well as authority. Your clients are relying on you to be the calm in the storm.
  • Let them know which SOLUTIONS you are coming up with to serve them during this time.
  • EDUCATE them on how interest rates have never been lower and now is the BEST time to buy a home.


  • E-mail them personalized videos on the current state of the market in your community.
  • Instead of meeting clients for coffee, meet them over a video Zoom call and them mail them a $10 Starbucks gift card!
  • Conduct open houses via live stream and make it an event! You can have buyers join in, comment, like, and ask you questions about the home.
  • Send a bottle of hand sanitizer as a little ‘thank-you’ gift to your clients; it will give them a chuckle and will make you instantly memorable.


  • If you haven’t started running paid ads to get appointments with potential clients, NOW is the time (Ads are going to be on sale… take advantage!)
  • If you aren’t shifting your marketing message around everything going on and are running the same cold email campaigns/ads/DM messages, shift them to align with the conversation going on.
  • Build a brand new offer that helps local businesses around everything happening and push it hard! We at Atlas Real Estate have already created brand new campaigns addressing this situation and we are offering engagement campaigns for our agents to establish YOU as the authority and expert in your community.
  • Most importantly, NOW IS THE TIME to step up as a Realtor and INNOVATE your product/service so that it is a SOLUTION to all of the problems your clients are facing.

I know that’s a TON of info and there’s so much more…

So if you want help executing on all of the above, we have the resources available for you to:

  • Establish yourself as the expert and authority in your community
  • Be the voice of calm and assurance to the buyers that need to hear your message the most
  • Get your current clients to stay and recommend you to their family and friends by staying top of mind and relevant
  • How to reach out and ease your current and past clients on why now is the best time to buy
  • Stay ahead of the curve by doing live streamed open houses and online meetups

And don’t forget…

Chaos = Opportunity (for those who provide solutions + clarity).

Some Realtors will NOT have solutions.

Some Realtors will NOT have clarity.

And they will fall.

But for the select few, who act now.

Who seek clarity.

Who create solutions.

You will end up growing massively.

Buyers need assurance and a leader in their community more than ever.

They are just as nervous about this situation as you, and they need your help.

It is your time to step up as a Realtor.

It is time for you to step up as a leader.

It is your time to dominate.

You’ve got this.

Reach out to us if you are ready to dominate and THRIVE in your real estate business this 2020.

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