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How This Award Winning Real Estate Marketing Expert and Experienced Real Estate Agent Power Duo Created a Program for other Real Estate Marketers


Success as a real estate marketer requires a rare set of skills that involves relationship-building, sales, communication, marketing, and a talent for closing. With a background that emphasizes each of these abilities, Shayne Hillier, born and bred entrepreneur, and Real Estate Agent, Matt Cramer, seasoned real estate agent, have teamed up to help real estate marketers expand their own skillset and obtain real results through their Real Estate Marketing and Conversion Academy.


Cramer was born into a family of entrepreneurs and he knew business ran through his blood from an early age. Previously the director of lead generation for a large real estate team, Cramer brings a deep understanding of the complex industry of real estate. When Cramer was a realtor himself, he tried everything from mailers to Zillow. Over time, he discovered placing importance on just one thing, and doing it well was the key.


“More entrepreneurs drown in opportunities than water,” Cramer said. “It is really easy to get overwhelmed with what you could do than what you should do. When I was a realtor, I tried to do everything instead of doing just one thing really well. When I did focus, doors started opening. I hired a coach to help me get there, so I know it is important to be coached and why I want to coach other agency owners.”


Cramer is now considered an expert in the field with a holistic approach to social media marketing. This provides his real estate clients a marketing system that will deliver leads not only presently, but in the future as well. During his career, he has helped generate more than $200 million in closed volume for real estate professionals. In 2019 alone, Cramer produced more than 50 million impressions for his clients.


Meanwhile, Hillier is no stranger to overcoming challenges new and existing agency owners experience when working in the real estate industry. His experience includes everything from building & growing companies past 7 figures to developing innovative mobile software and working with some of the largest corporations in the world. His extensive career as an entrepreneur and business owner eventually led him to providing online marketing services, lead generation, and innovation solutions to the Real Estate industry. His 25+ years of experience in the business world, knowledge of the Real Estate industry, and a massive worldwide network of customers, fostered the partnership with Cramer.  This power duo now provides some of the most comprehensive training & coaching available to real estate agents and agency owners.


“Both of us work and understand the industry ensuring our members get the best support and resources available in the Real Estate space,” Hillier said. “We not only show them how to generate leads using some of the latest strategies but also how to acquire, retain and ensure their customers are profitable giving them the competitive edge they need to succeed.”


The REMC Academy gives marketers and agency owners the tools and knowledge they need to grow a profitable business that services the Real Estate industry.


“It’s more than just generating leads, it’s about understanding the entire sales cycle and implementing solutions that help your clients achieve their goals,” Hillier said. “Members of the REMC Academy become leading experts in the real estate niche and gain the knowledge necessary to service real estate agents.”


Through the REMC Academy, clients gain exclusive access to Hillier and Cramer. The duo provides mentorship and support with access to course content and strategies proven to work. Whether you’re just starting out in your journey or a seasoned professional, the academy will help you gain the skills needed to take your real estate business to the next level.


“The problem I had before I joined the academy program was a sense of direction and also a safety net of basically not knowing if I could deliver the results for my clients,” said Johnny Vo, REMC Academy student who has scaled his business in six months to 24 new clients averaging $2,000 a month in retainers per client. “The reason I took this course is one because a lot of people told me it is an amazing, amazing course. And the second reason is because I needed to take the leap. I saw Matt is a real estate agent so obviously, he has to know what he is talking about, and then Shayne knows exactly what he is doing being a marketing expert, so I just took the leap. It paid off a hundred times over.”


Gary Gray, another student who discovered success through the REMC Academy, explains Hillier and Cramer know how to help students expand their knowledge and skills which results in more money in the pocketbook.


“Just in a week from being in that program took me from $500 a month to $2,000,” Gray exclaimed. “It has been about four months and I am at $13,000 a month.”


Whether you are ready to expand your business or you are starting from the ground up, let the REMC Academy get you there.



The REMC Academy is the creation of marketing expert Shayne Hillier and real estate agent Matt Cramer. The REMC Academy delivers proven strategies that work in today’s world of real estate and provides members with exclusive access to the secret of success in real estate marketing. For more information, visit

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