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How Luke Shankula Created a 7-figure Business by never giving up

How Luke Shankula Created a 7-figure Business by never giving up

This story covers his personal journey and the key moments in his career that led to where he stands:


Now more than ever, businesses invest in digital solutions to better serve their markets and audiences. Since the Covid outbreak, digital entrepreneurs have gained popularity as they try to cover our needs, fast. They are here to challenge the current business models and provide cutting-edge solutions in order to make our life easier. The internet space is without a doubt becoming very competitive so what can we learn from someone who has made it?


Luke Shankula, a leading Mortgage Marketing expert and the CEO of Paragon Digital Marketing Group, is a great example of a successful business owner who believed in the power of digital long before COVID came into our lives to make us think differently. After 3 years of hard work, Luke has managed to build a 7-figure mortgage marketing agency, which, in the middle of a global crisis, is thriving. Luke is a former mortgage professional who gained vast experience in the corporate world before launching his agency. Since then, he has helped hundreds of loan officers and he is now more determined than ever, to help as many people as possible.


Luke is not only working hard to grow his own business but he is also trying to give back to his community by sharing his own unique vision. He is getting involved with new initiatives and he loves to support other young entrepreneurs. Luke has spoken at several Legion of Loan Officer events and has also created a unique new 3-phase loan acquisition blueprint that promises to bring in new applications. Click here to learn more about his 10 application guarantee. 


What makes Luke special, apart from his financial success, is that he wants to help people get great results. He believes in ‘impact over income’ and has an ‘open source’ approach in business. He is always willing to share his knowledge, provide a series of valuable resources to his clients to help get where they want to. Luke’s business goes beyond lead generation: Luke truly helps his clients and their teams to systemize, create a vision, a plan, and get ready for success and quality leads.


What are the current challenges in the sector? According to Luke,  there is a very sales-oriented approach in the business and too many people try to put more leads into a broken system. Luke believes that it is not all about more leads, but more about better sales and conversion processes. ‘There needs to be more credibility in the way we operate and we need people to think this is a legitimate business. “We need to fix the reputation!” Luke says. “This is the best time for lenders to start generating their own leads. People are realizing they need a lender before they need a realtor because of COVID-19. For too long, lenders have been beholden to realtors for their leads but those days are gone!” Luke adds.


Apart from being an excellent marketer with a winning technique, Luke has a great work and life balance thanks to his support-driven personality. He is a devoted husband and father to two children and he always makes time for his family and friends. He believes that everyone can craft the life they want as long as they have the tools and inspiration needed in order to get there. Luke’s biggest wish is to transform lives and businesses in a positive way and become a role-model for the future generation.  


Has COVID affected his business? Yes, of course, like everyone else’s. However Luke and his team are still closing deals like there is no pandemic, thanks to the supportive culture of the agency, and they trust the clients put into the brand. Luke and his team are moving forward fast, proving that once a company creates a positive impact and real value first, the income will follow!

Luke Shankula is a devoted husband and father to two children and is a leading Mortgage marketing expert and the CEO of Paragon Digital Marketing. He has been featured on NBC, FOX, and CBS among other publications. Click here to learn more about his 10 application guarantee:

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